Our specialist Pharmacy Team provides expert, cost-effective and practical advice to owners and managers of pharmacies. Whether you are just starting out or are an established operator, we can help.

We are focused on the owner-managed business and understand the issues that working in the pharmacy sector bring including GPhC premises standards.

We have over 15 years of specialist experience in buying/selling pharmacies (asset and share transactions), including both single and multiple branch sales and purchases and are familiar with the documentation and approach of the large multiples.

Our service to you
We handle all matters with efficiency, empathy and ensure you always feel supported and informed.

We provide a competitive and transparent fee structure and undertake work either at a fixed fee or within the boundaries of a defined minimum/maximum range.

Our Pharmacy team work closely with the sector and and are proud of our National Pharmacy Association Gold Supplier Partner status.

Our services include:

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Pharmacy FAQs

  • How long will it take me to sell my pharmacy once I have found a buyer?

    How long a sale takes usually depends on a number of factors:

    • Whether the deal is structured as an asset or share sale (the former will require consent for change of ownership of the NHS Contract).
    • Whether the buyer is borrowing to fund the purchase. 
    • How well prepared you are for the sale and the service offered by your professional team.

  • I’m selling my pharmacy. How can I achieve my proposed completion date?

    It can be very frustrating and costly for all parties when a pharmacy sale drags on.
    You can help to keep things on track by:

    • Ensuring your buyer is ready to go: find out if your buyer is ready and willing to proceed on your timescales. If they are obtaining borrowing, check if their borrower has given credit approval and carried out a satisfactory valuation before you get too far into the legal process and start to incur costs.
    • Preparing and organising your paperwork: your buyer will want to see a large amount of documentation during the due diligence process (please request our free “Selling your pharmacy business” factsheet for more details).
    If your paperwork is organised, complete and ready to go, this will help speed up the process and reduce the number of additional enquiries the buyer will raise.
    • Using specialist advisors: choosing the right professionals to advise you is vital for
    (a) ensuring that the sale moves along quickly
    (b) protecting yourself against unwanted liabilities. Using pharmacy specialists may not be the cheapest option but will save you time, worry and money in the long run.

  • Should I opt for an asset or share structure when selling a pharmacy?

    A sale can take the form of either an asset sale (the disposal of the NHS Contract, goodwill and assets) or share sale (disposal of the shares in the company operating the business).

    Each structure has pros and cons in terms of your tax position, timescales and costs. It is vital you seek legal and tax advice at the earliest opportunity as this will be key to the decision you make.

  • I want to grant my pharmacy buyer a lease. How do I negotiate the terms?

    Lease terms are often negotiated via an agent. If not, it is important you seek professional advice before agreeing terms.

    Points to consider before agreeing a lease include:

    • The extent of the rights granted
    • The term
    • Any extension/renewal
    • Annual rent
    • Mechanism for renewal
    • Timing of any break clauses.

Team members

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