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Use our online conveyancing calculator to estimate your likely buying and selling costs. It is simple to use and only takes a minute to fill out.

First-time buyers

Please note due to changes outlined in the Budget November 2017, stamp duty has been abolished on property up to £300,000 for first-time buyers in England & Wales (outside of London), or up to £500,000 in London. 

For a full quote or to speak to us about your property sale or purchase call 0117 929 0333.

Conveyancing Calculator



Disclaimer Information

* Coal mining search is only required in certain areas.

** The bankruptcy search is only required if purchasing with a mortgage.

*** If there is no mortgage on a sale, no CHAPS fee is required.

**** Please note, we will apply to the Land Registry via the internet which can sometimes reduce this fee however, in some instances we may have to submit the full application to the Land Registry which would mean the fee is as above.

***** Quote is valid for 30 days.

Please Note:

  1. VAT, Stamp Duty and Search fees are subject to variation.
  2. The predicted legal costs of your case are based upon details presently known to usand on the assumption that the transaction will not prove to be substantially more complexthan would normally be expected on a conveyancing matter.

However if, for example, there are defects in the title or other additional time consuming aspects, then our supplementary fees for such matters are listed here.

  • Unregistered title: £195.00 + VAT
  • Drafting Statutory Declaration: £50.00 + VAT
  • Applying for Indemnity Insurance Policy: £50.00 + VAT
  • Substantial non-routine third party involvement: £75.00 + VAT
  • Second or subsequent Financial Charges: £75.00 + VAT
  • Drafting Licence to Occupy: £95.00 + VAT
  • Drafting Key Undertaking for Access pre-completion: £50.00 + VAT
  • Communication with more than one Management Company: £50.00 + VAT
  • Re-possession of property: £125.00 + VAT
  • Drafting Legal Charge: £125.00 + VAT
  • Deed or Variation/Rectification: £125.00 + VAT
  • Post Exchange Agreements to vary conditions/Completion Date: £125.00 + VAT
  • Solar Panel Leases/Green Deal Issues: £125.00 + VAT
  • Help to buy: £300+VAT
  • Shared Ownership: £300 + VAT
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