Free Legal Audit for your Business

Free consultation with a business lawyer. Protect your business.

Most business owners concentrate their efforts on doing what they know and love; delivering their product or service to their customers. Often, “legals” are pushed to the bottom of the priority list, which can prove costly if something goes wrong.

Our Free Legal Audit Service provides an opportunity to check your business is compliant with ever-changing legislation; that you have all the necessary documentation in place and you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your business for the future.

Our business lawyers will guide you through our findings and advise you on what additional safeguards you could consider in order to protect your business.

What does it cover?

The review will consider each of the following areas:

  • Business structure
  • Staff
  • Premises
  • Customer/Supplier contracts
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Protecting your brand
  • Future planning

What are the benefits?

  • Up to 1 hour of free expert legal advice
  • Free review of employment contracts
  • Fixed fees for any follow-on work you instruct us to do
  • Contact us to arrange your free one hour legal audit or for Free First Advice on any legal matter.


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